• » Highly efficient therapeutic protocols
  • » multi-procedural platform
  • » leukocyte collection
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CyFlow® Space

  • Multilaser 16 Parameter | 13 Color
    High-End Flow Cytometry System with Sorting System
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  • The unique All-In-One HD Gel Electrophoresis System
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EVOLIS™ Twin Plus System

  • Performance and Security in a Compact Package
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Forma™ 88000 Series

  • Forma 88000 Series designed by Thermo Scientific™
    delivers ultimate protection and optimum
    capacity for your most critical samples.
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Sorvall™ LYNX Superspeed Centrifuge Series

  • With 100,605 x g performance and maximized capacity
    up to 6L, the NEW! Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall
    LYNX superspeed centrifuge.
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CompoMat® G5

  • Automatic blood component processing system .
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1300 Series Class II,
Type A2 Bio Safety Cabinets

  • The wide array of Thermo Scientific* biological safety
    cabinets feature innovations that ensure the highest safety,
    energy efficiency and value .
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Heraeus™ Cryofuge™ 6000i

  • Process large volumes at high speeds
    and constant temperatures with
    Thermo Scientific™ Heraeus™ Cryofuge™ 6000i .
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  • 190 ° C Cryostorage solutions from Thermo Scientific
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About Us

National Scientific Promoters, the flagship company of the group was founded by Shri S.K. Marwaha, as a proprietorship concern way pack in 1959, in Lucknow. Over the years, the group has diversified its interest in Life Science Industry, Blood Banking, Healthcare diagnostics and Vision Care to develop a portfolio of innovative products & solutions that match the needs of our esteemed clients and healthcare professionals.


1959-   Started with supply of Laboratory Chemicals & Glassware to various Research Labs & School laboratories.

1977-   Year for Pharmaceutical Medicines & Vaccines to various Hospitals.

1980-   Year for the addition of Healthcare diagnostic products & instruments in the profile.

1995-   Introduction of imports of all types of products related to Biotechnology, Pathology, and Microbiology Imported in nature to meet the needs of our esteemed customers.

1999-   Specialization in the field of Blood Banking, Intensive Care and analogy.

2009-   Year for the group to specialize in the turnkey solutions for Component Blood Banking.

2013-   Inception of NSP Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., an alliance company of the group diversifying itself into distribution of Vision Care & Intra Ocular Lenses and equipments essential for Cataract surgeries.

NSP Group, as on date is a team of over 25 professionals providing sales and service support. The Directors of the group have a rich 30 years of experience working with most recognized players in the industry with a vast knowledge of international procurement and export/import documentation.

Our association with our esteemed users over the years and their worthy suggestions have provided us with the necessary momentum to keep ourselves continously upgraded and be associated with remarkebly high quality product line from all over Europe and the United States

With a motto of "Serving Science Since 1959", our vision is to become a leader partner in India by providing class solutions in the field of Biotechnology & Healthcare industry.

Company Values

We value our customers with Quality Assurance & Service above self.